Did you know that Hongdae is a must-go neighbourhood in Seoul?

Hongdae is located in the west of Seoul. It’s famous for its hip & pretty cafes, arts, entertainment areas and nightlife.

And yes, NROUND is located in the centre of Hongdae.

Most of the younger generation in Korea hang out in Hongdae as it is also a destination for fashion, Beauty/skincare shopping, K-Pop street performances and more.

If you would like to see the buzzing nightlife, performances,  we would recommend you to visit Hongdae during the nighttime.

Here is a sneak peek of NROUND Studio⬇️




This neighbourhood is packed with pretty cafes and mouth-watering food places. Below are some places which were visited by our NROUND staff.


 NROUND offers a variety of classes like KPOP Dance classes, Original Choreo, Korean language, Korean acting, Makeup and K-pop workouts. You get to learn brand new songs choreo and insights on Korean Culture through us. You also get to interact with people from different countries 💜

Due to a huge number of requests, NROUND has decided to offer our replay videos for free on our website for the next few months. So make sure to check out our replays.  

Our brand new Unicorn Korean classes. This is for beginners who want to learn from the basics i.e the Korean alphabet.

We also a have Korean+ which is for advanced learners.

The concept of these classes is to have more focused learning.