Want to watch a Korean drama but don't know which one to watch? Here are the 7 popular dramas of 2021. Hopefully, these dramas can make your heart flutter and bring out your other emotions where you can't stop laughing, crying, getting angry and even biting your nails.

Happiness (Nov)


Han Hyo-joo , Park hung-Sik   

- Drama, Thriller

A thriller film with a backdrop of threatening infectious disease that turns humans into infected people who bite other humans for their blood.

image credit:- TVN

Yumi's Cells (Sep)


Ahn Bo-hyun , Kim Go-eun


- Romance, Psychological drama

The story centres on yumi and how her brain cells try to control her actions and feelings in all situations including her love life.

image credit:- TVN

Squid Game (Sep)


Hoyeon Jung , Lee Jung-jae  

- Survival, Thriller

A survival game in which hundreds of people take part to win 45.6 Billion won. Only the last standing person survives. 

image credit:- Netflix

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (Aug)


Kim Soon-ho , Shin Min-a 


- Rom-Com

A rom-com drama that takes place in a seaside village. It shows the budding romance between a dentist and the male lead who can do any kind of job.

image credit:- KBS drama/Netflix

Hospital Playlist S2 (Aug)


Jo Jung-Suk , Jeon Mi-do


 - Rom-Com, Medical

S2 continues the story of the 5 doctor friends in S1.  It mainly focuses on their relationships. If you didn't watch s1, make sure to watch it before you watch S2. The drama makes you cry because you can't stop laughing.

image credit:- TVN

Love Alarm S2 (March)


Song Kang , Kim So-hyun     

 - Romance, Drama

Love Alarm is about an app that alerts the user whenever a person who likes them is nearby. S2 focuses more deeply on the main leads decisions on moving forward and their dilemma whether to believe their heart or the app. 

image credit:- Netflix

Vincenzo (Feb)


Song Joong-ki , Jeon Yeo-Bin.  

 - Dark Comedy, Crime


This mafia based drama is not just filled with action but also funny episodes. It is also about how the main lead brings justice by fighting off the bad guys.

image credit:- TVN

School 2021 (Nov)

Starring: Kim Yo-Han, Jo Yi-Hyun   

 - Romance, Adolescence

The story is about students in their high school and how they overcome their fears, fight for their passions, build strong friendships and grow up to be young adults in a very competitive Korean schooling environment. It is the 8th instalment of the "School" series. 

image credit:- KBS2