Most of you are aware of the famous Korean food items like kimchi, k-BBQ, Tteokbokki etc... We bring you famous  Korean food  which are famous among the locals!

 Do tell us in the comments if you have tried any and what your favourite food is!

닭갈비- Dak-galbi

Stir-fried chicken marinated with chilli paste and mixed with rice cake, cabbage & other vegetables. It would taste the best when it's topped with cheese. 

image credit:- geniusjw

돼지국밥 - Dwaeji-gukbap

It is a soup made with pork, soy sauce, rice wine and bone broth. It is paired with rice and many side dishes which can be added to the soup.

(They say it started off as a poor man's meal)

image credit:- 1300k

찜닭 - jjimdak

It is a marinated chicken with lots of Korean soy sauce. Generally cooked with flat noodles, vegetables and Korean chilli. It is considered to be a spicy dish.   

image credit:-localnaeil

된장찌개 -Doenjang-jjigae

It is a traditional soybean paste stew. Its main ingredients are vegetables, soybeans, tofu, dried anchovies etc. 

image credit:- ODNR_Kitchen (Reddit)

칼국수 - Kalguksu

It literally means knife noodles. They are handmade noodles made of wheat flour and served in an anchovy broth.

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떡국 - Tteokguk 

It is a rice cake soup that is generally eaten to welcome the new year. (you can eat it on a normal day too). It is considered to be a traditional Korean dish.   

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만두 - Mandu

They are Korean dumplings with a variety of fillings like kimchi and meat. They can either be steamed (jjin mandu), boiled (mul mandu) pan-fried or deep-fried (gun mandu).


image credit:- TheJoongAngDaily

부대찌개 - Budae Jjigae

This Stew consists of baked beans, spam, sausage, kimchi, noodles, vegetables, Korean chilli paste and more.

image credit:- takestwoeggs