Participated in Dancers Paradise (cupcakes from south korea 2017)
Street brand ASHANI costume sponsorship shoot (2017)
Feel Dance Skool regular instructor (2017~)
Ted Park “Hands In The Air” MV Dancer
Sportswear brand Andar costume sponsorship shoot (2018)
FRZM dance studio regular instructor (2018)
EXO ‘we young’ MV dancer (2018)
Jennie ‘SOLO’ MV Dancer (2018)
Jennie’s’SOLO’ music broadcasting activity (2018)
Black Pink Melon Music Awards/Gayo Daejeon/Goldendisk Awards/Gaon Chart Awards Stage Dancer
BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Poetry for Little Things’ MV Dancer
Shanghai, China, Jump dance studio KPOP workshop
Mnet Queendom Lovelyz ‘Cameo’ performance dancer
SM dance academy regular instructor
Can “Pleasant Man(쾌남)” MV Dancer
Girlfriend ‘Labyrinth’ music broadcast activity
Mnet GOOD GIRL Hyoyeon X Cheetah Collaboration Stage Dancer
Mnet Road to Kingdom The Boyz, ONEUS stage dancer
Black Pink ‘How You Like That’ MV Dancer
Kim Ha-ri “OOTD” MV Dancer
Alive dance studio workshop in Shenzhen, China
Participated in the choreography work of China TFboys 6th anniversary showcase
Star 100 Entertainment Dance Trainer
MLD Entertainment Dance Trainer
Professor, Department of Practical Dance, Dongguk University Future Convergence Center